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What is Bowker DOCS?
Data Optimization & Cleansing Services: A comprehensive meta data solution designed to enhance the creation, cleaning, distribution, discoverability, and analysis of a publisher’s catalog. These suite of services is geared toward publishers with >500 titles who would like to streamline their workflow and produce more complete data for their customers.

  • Are your titles ready for prime time?
  • Are your titles headed in the right direction?
  • Are your titles optimized for discoverability?
  • How well do you know what is being published?

What are the benefits of DOCS?
Publishers have benefited from the following customized solutions:

  • ONIX conversion and distribution to parties that are not already Bowker customers, such as Amazon, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram Book Company.
  • ISBN tracing related to past mergers and acquisitions, allowing the publisher to understand which parts of an ISBN prefix they purchased and which parts went to other publishers.
  • Assistance with Google Book Settlement research since LCCNs may be the only identifier on pre 1978 publications.
  • Data extracted from Books In Print was used to fill gaps in a publisher’s system for contributor data, BISAC codes, and audience.

View our PowerPoint to learn more about how Bowker can assist your company with these issues.

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